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Bobbylee's Chicken Soup

My friend Bobbylee says her husband stays married to her just for her chicken soup.

3 whole chicken thighs (skin & all)
3 stalks of celery
1 whole onion
4 large cloves of garlic (leave in big chucks but, cut up)
3 big carrots
2 bay leaves
¼ teaspoon gumbo filé
1 teaspoon salt
3 bouillon cubes
Filtered water

Fill a Dutch oven to ½ full with filtered water. Cook chicken until done.
Strain broth and de-bone chicken, set aside. Discard bones & skin.
Add celery, onion, garlic, carrots, bay leaves, gumbo filé, salt and bouillon cubes.
Simmer until carrots are tender. Add de-boned chicken.
Bring pot to a medium heat and add noodles, cook until noodles are tender.

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September 21, 2007