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Redbook 8 Number 274

My First Jar

It was December 1994. My Bunchkin had just turned 12.
In the summer of that same year, he was watching pets for a vacationing neighbor.
I accompanied him on his daily duties and was intrigued
by a group of aqua-colored Ball canning jars sitting on a table.
I picked one up and admired it, mentioning I wouldn't mind having one for my kitchen.
Remembering this, he mentioned it to his Dad.
They conspired and bought one of those jars for me as a holiday gift.
My little Bunchkin peddled his bike to the neighbor, asked for a price,
reported back to his Dad, returned with payment, put the jar in his bike pouch,
returned home and got it into the house...all without my knowledge.
I was so surprised!!!

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