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Vacuum Packed Golden West Coffee  Says around edge:  -arrow- Closset & Devers, Portland, Ore. Will send six of these two-piece preserving caps on receipt of 30 -arrow- Tap around edge and turn

Golden West Three Pound Coffee Jar Lid
December 18, 2004

I already had this jar and although it had come with a lid, it was in terrible condition.
So, I sanded, primed, painted and put it on another jar.
When I saw this one on eBay, I just HAD to have it.
We now have three different three pound coffee jars.
These lids are a tough find as they are not standard sizes like mason jars are.
(regular or wide mouth)
A fellow collector told me these are 79mm in size.
A regular mouth mason lid is 70mm.
It is in such brilliant condition. I was sooo thrilled to get it.
The final price on the lid, with shipping, was $9.45.
I had earned a few bucks doing surveys and applied that amount.
The net cost to me was $3.95.

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January 2, 2005