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Says:  Jumbo Brand 7 Ounce Net Peanut Butter - Red Book 9 Number 1347 - (Scan is actual size)

Jumbo Peanut Butter 7 Ounce Jar
LaPorte, Indiana
April 19, 2003

It has been a long time since I have posted any new finds. Not only have we been busy but, I have been ill on and off since February 2003. I think I am *finally* coming out of it.

It was while on vacation with my favorite sister and her family that I found this 7 ounce Jumbo Peanut Butter jar at a shop in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. I spent this day treasure hunting with my Hun Bun's Great Aunt Nona. It was absolutely the most beautiful day, weather wise, while we were there--in the 70's and sunny.

I usually shy away from buying jars without lids that are not standard mason closures
or odd sizes but, I thought this jar was just too cute.
I went with my intuition that it would take a 63mm lid.
I was right. It was $4.50.

Here is a view of the back:

Says:  Packed By Frank Tea & Spice Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. - (Scan is actual size)

Here is a view of the bottom:

Says:  Patd June 24, 1930 (middle numbers 654) D81439 (Scan is actual size)

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June 11, 2003