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Red Book 9, Unlisted Variation Of Number 1435-5 (Jar on right)

Knox Squat Half Gallon Mason Jar - No Handle
(Jar On Right Pictured Above)
August 9, 2003 - Winnie, Texas

Hunny Bunny and me headed to Winnie, Texas Trade Days but,
it was after getting a tip from one of the vendors there,
He found this jar at Country Etc. Antiques, also in Winnie, Texas.
He is really getting good at this.

I have another jar like this one but, it has a carrying handle--pictured in center position.
This one is an unlisted variation on that jar as it is the same squat size,
(which essentially means shorter & a bit fatter (girth) than a normal half-gallon jar).
When comparing the three different half-gallons of this maker,
they measure as follows--all measurements are without lids, pictured from left to right:

Knox HG (regular, tall)
9 1/4 inches tall
Red Book 9 Number 1435

Knox Squat HG (with carrying handle)
8 3/4 inches tall
Red Book 9 Number 1435-5

Knox Squat HG
(no carrying handle, unlisted variation of Red Book 9 Number 1435-5)
8 1/4 inches tall

This was the find of the day!!! It was $5.

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September 5, 2003