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Mimi's Home-Made Utensil Rack

The inspiration for this rack came from one I saw
hanging in an antique shop in Coldspring, Texas, years ago.
With some modifications and help from my Hunny Bunny,
we made it from an old wood window frame.
The original had screw-type hooks all along the edges.

Hunny Bunny had a better idea.
The first thing we did was remove the glass.
We then sanded the entire frame and painted it with a thin layer of white paint.
After another light sanding,
(I wanted some of the wood-grain to show through and have a "distressed" look)
we stretched chicken wire over the entire thing, stapling it in place with a staple gun.
Installing small eyes at each corner, Hunny Bunny hung it from
the ceiling with small lengths (about 12 inches each x 4) of white chain.
I chose white so that the chains would blend in with the white ceiling.
The last step--dabbing paint on the heads
of the screws Hunny Bunny used to attach it to the ceiling.
A trip to the local hardware store provided the
"S" hooks (in various sizes) used to hang everything.
I love my utensil rack--it is a great place to display our "treasure hunting" finds.

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May 16, 2001