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Redbook 9 Number 2795-9

Texas Dogwood Trails Jar - October 23, 2001

In addition to regular weekly meetings, my Bible study group meets twice a month to have a "Ladies' Lunch". I decided to go into town early to take care of an errand and visit the local resale shops. I was thrilled to find this jar at the Country Store Resale Shop.
The front (above) is embossed with a dogwood blossom and the reverse (below) is embossed: "Texas Dogwood Trails Founded 1938 Palestine, Texas 1982".
I also purchased 3 pretty, porcelain tea cups with matching saucers.
The whole lot was 54, tax included.

Here is the reverse:

Embossing reads:  Texas Dogwood Trails Founded 1938 Palestine, Texas 1982

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October 27, 2001