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Mimi's Journal

What's On Mimi's Mind???
What's Mimi doing???

From time to time, I will add a thought, idea, rant or maybe even a link
that I think is worthy of some attention from the rest of the world.

November 26, 2007 - Happy 22nd Birthday Bunny!!!
November 24, 2007 - Dad, Tal, Lillian back to airport.
November 23, 2007 - More visiting with almost as many today as yesterday!!!
November 22, 2007 - Happy Thankgiving!!!
We had quite a crowd--25!!!
Everything went as smooth as silk.
Hun Bun deep-fried two turkeys, I made some of the side dishes.
Many of our friends brought side dishes as well.
November 21, 2007 - Breakfast out.
Dad & me made home-made pizza for dinner.
My little brother & his wife arrived.
November 20, 2007 - My older brother & his kids arrive.
Pick up Dad, our niece Tal & great-niece Lillian @ airport.
Dinner Out.
November 12, 2007 - Dinner out with new/old friends Dennis & Nadine.
November 3, 2007 - Saw "Bee Movie" with Hun Bun.

October 27, 2007 - Girls day out/shopping in Humble with Brenda.
October 15, 2007 - Happy 23rd Birthday Bobby!!!
October 1, 2007 - Back to work.
October 2007 - Working on new room addition.

September 22-30, 2007 - BIL here for a visit.
September 18, 2007 - Made a batch of pear butter.
September 17, 2007 - Picked pears with Hun Bun.
September 15, 2007 - Trade Days / Community Yard Sale.
Huntsville Antique Show - with Bunny.
September 11, 2007 - Never forget.
Check-up - Oral Surgeon.
September 7-9, 2007 - In a "jam".
(Needed to make some room in the freezer)
Made 9 batches - blueberry, dewberry,
muscadine grape, strawberry
and "a little bit of everything".

August 24, 2007 - Girls day out shopping/lunch with Bunny.
FUN day!!!
August 19, 2007 - Happy 24th birthday to my niece Tal.
August 17, 2007 - Off work until October 1st.
August 13, 2007 - It official!!!
We're Grandparents!!!
Kudos to our DIL.
Having a BIG baby is hard.
August 10-20, 2007 - Cat sitting job.
August 9, 2007 - My microwave oven died.
Our friend Dee stayed a couple of nights with us.
She wasn't feeling well.
August 4, 2007 - Hun Bun BBQ'd--Bobby & Georgianne here.
August 1, 2007 - Bobby & Georgianne here.
Georgianne cooked a Japanese meal for us.
How sweet of her!!!
I am knackered by the time I get home from work.

July 27, 2007 - Dinner out with Hun Bun--our favortie Tex Mex place.
July 23, 2007 - Pick up Bobby & Georgianne from airport.
July 22, 2007 - Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to our son & DIL.
July 21, 2007 - Fuzzies to vet.
Shopping in Humble with Hun Bun.
July 18, 2007 - Bobby & Georgianne to airport.
July 14, 2007 - Hun Bun & me shopping in Lufkin.
Dinner out.
July 9, 2007 - Bobby sick.
Georgianne made him Bobbylee's Chicken Soup.
July 6, 2007 - Shabbat dinner at Carol's.
July 5, 2007 - Georgianne made us Cincinnati Chili.
July 4, 2007 - Happy Birthday America!!!

June 30, 2007 - Saw the film "Ratatouille" with Hun Bun.
The DVD will be released on 11/6.
Just in time for Thanksgiving.
Since we are hosting a LARGE group this year,
We can all watch it together.
June 26, 2007 - Our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Hun Bun surprised me with a HUGE vase of roses.
He had them delivered to me at work.
June 19, 2007 - Check-up - Oral Surgeon.
June 18, 2007 - Pick up Georgianne from airport.
June 17, 2007 - Breakfast out with friends Dave & Carol.
Happy Father's Day!!!
June 14, 2007 - Hun Bun - Flu.
June 13, 2007 - Georgianne to airport.
June 10, 2007 - Flu - off work until 6/12.
June 5, 2007 - Lunch with Dave & Carol - egg & onion.
June 2, 2007 - Bobby & Georgianne here.
Ferret sitting - Honey - until 6/10.

May 29, 2007 - Had lunch with my friend Carol and her neighbor Roma.

Carol's Tapioca Pudding

1/3 cup brown sugar
3 Tablespoons Tapioca (quick cooking, Minute/Kraft Brand)
2 3/4 cups soy milk--you could use vanilla flavored???
1 egg, well beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix sugar, tapioca, soy milk and egg in medium saucepan; let stand 5 minutes.

Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to full boil.
(Pudding thickens as it cools.) Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla.

Cool 20 minutes; stir. Serve warm or chilled.
Store leftover pudding in refrigerator. Makes six 1/2 cup servings.

What a great twist!!! Soy milk and brown sugar.
She drizzled maple syrup over it too!!!

May 22, 2007 - Bobby & Georgianne here for dinner.
May 18, 2007 - Dinner out with our friend Shawn.
May 17, 2007 - Back to working my permanant/temporary job.
May 13, 2007 - Happy Mother's Day
Had a great day/weekend . . . Georgianne & Bobby over for BBQ.
Georgianne brought just about everything for the meal.
Wasn't that sweet???
She showed me how to make mashed cauliflower.
A great substitute for mashed potatoes.
May 12, 2007 - Brake job for Georgianne, dinner out, movies, shopping with Georgianne & Bobby.
May 11, 2007 - Made a BIG 2-pound Challah for River Of Life lunch.
Also made two 1 pounders for a (charity) bake sale @ Hun Bun's work.
May 10, 2007 - Picked a pint of dewberries.
May 9, 2007 - Bobby & Georgianne here for dinner.
Talked to my niece Tal.
May 5, 2007 - Made elderberry jam.
Fill a dutch oven with elderberries--add one cup of filtered water.
Cook over medium heat and run through finest screen of my food mill.
Then strain twice through a coarse screen.
(I used a screen that fits inside my canning funnel)
This takes out almost all of the small
seeds--there will still be some.
To make jam:
5 cups processed elderberry juice
3 cups sugar
2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice--strained
(about one medium sized lemon)
1 package Ball Fruit Jell No Sugar Needed Pectin
Followed directions for jam that came with pectin.

May 5, 2007 - Our son dropped by on his lunch hour to
pick up a couple of gifts (from friends of ours).
May 3, 2007 - Picked about a quart of dewberries.
May 2, 2007 - Georgianne & Bobby here for dinner.
Me & G picked wild dewberries late in the afternoon and
had them with vanilla frozen yogurt for dessert.
Despite the weeds / mosquitos / weird neighbor--it was fun!!!
We picked about a quart.

April 30, 2007 - Phoned my little brother to wish him a happy birthday.
April 23, 2007 - Shopped the charity/antique shops in Lufkin with Georgianne.
I loved shopping with her.
April 22, 2007 - G here--Hun Bun fixed her car door handle--it was broken.
She brought pizza.
I made a durian cake.
We played triple Yahtzee--G and me both rolled 5 Yahtzee's!!!
Bobby here too - after work.
Talked to my Dad on the phone today.
He said he wanted to talk to someone that loved him.
April 15, 2007 - G brought us some pumpkin bread.
She is the pumpkin bread queen!!!
April 14, 2007 - Georgianne here for a visit.
April 13, 2007 - First dental surgery.
April 7, 2007 - Hun Bun's Mom & Brother to airport.
April 5, 2007 - Shopping in Lufkin with my BIL.
Met Bobby & Georgianne for lunch.
April 4, 2007 - Ladies' Lunch - Took my MIL & BIL.
April 2, 2007 - Passover Seder

March 30, 2007 - Pick up Hun Bun's Mom & Brother from airport.
March 26, 2007 - Our ferret Ginger passed away.
Our sweet girl - she was 7 years old.
March 17, 2007 - Made violet jelly.
1 box low/no sugar pectin
juice of one lemon
3 cups sugar
5-6 cups violet infusion
What is really nifty about this was when you add
the lemon juice to the violet infusion, it turns a pretty purple!!!
(The infusion is blue before you add the lemon juice)
March 14, 2007 - Fifi to vet - teeth cleaned.
I found a new charity shop--HAAM.
March 7, 2007 - Our Niece Tal had a baby.
March 2007 - Harvesting wild violets.

February 21, 2007 - through end of month - Sick.
February 18, 2007 - Happy birthday Hun Bun!!!
Febraury 17, 2007 - All ferrets to vet.
Took partial set of China to Claudette.
February 16, 2007 - My friend Sue's Bat-Mitzvah.
February 11, 2007 - Our big, soft, sensitive male ferret Max passed away suddenly.
February 2, 2007 - Shabbat dinner at Carol's.
Grounhog Day - No shadow - Early Spring.

January 31, 2007 - Our neighbor gave us a big-screen TV.
Wasn't that nice???
It is 12 years old but, looks good.
His son bought him a newer one.
January 26, 2007 - Helped cater River of Life lunch.
January 20, 2007 - Zo to vet.
Returned ring to Claudette.
Shopping - Humble
January 15-16, 2007 - Icy weather.
January 13, 2007 - Trade Days.
Bought a gallon of local honey.
January 10, 2007 - We are going to be Grandparents...
January 3, 2007 - Made my friend Bobbylee's Chicken Soup.
January 1, 2007 - Happy New Year!!!

December 30, 2006 - Another deep fried turkey.
We used a different injector kit--garlic & herb.
It was okay--tasted like traditional baked turkey.
I think we are going to stick with the butter/cajun kit.
We liked it better...
December 28, 2006 - Bobby & Georgianne here for a visit, p. m.
December 23, 2006 - Nephew & Niece here a. m. for long weekend.
We made a deep fried turkey--our first one.
We used the butter/cajun injecting kit. It was YUMMY.
December 22, 2006 - Made turnip latkes for Chanukah.
December 21, 2006 - Dinner out with my Hun Bun.
December 16, 2006 - DIL in hospital.
December 15, 2006 - Happy Chanukah!!!
December 12, 2006 - Consultation with Oral Surgeon.
Couldn't re-insall crown--looks like we will have to do a dental implant.
December 8, 2006 - Happy 24th birthday to our son.
Deceber 6, 2006 - Chevra Kadisha Lunch at Carol's.
December 1, 2006 - Shabbat dinner at Carol's.

November 28, 2006 - Dad back to airport.
November 26, 2006 - Happy Birthday DIL.
November 23, 2006 - Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Dessert at my friend Carol's.
November 20, 2006 - Pick up my Dad at Airport.
November 18, 2006 - Made cranberry-blueberry sauce.
November 16, 2006 - Max home from hospital.
Our vet thinks it was an infection.
Max on meds for 14 days.
November 11, 2006 - Max in hospital.
November 7, 2006 - Dentist appointment--to assess crown replacement.
November 6 - 8, 2006 - Car being repaired.
November 3, 2006 - Shabbat dinner at Carol's.
My friend Sue presented the kids with a beautiful home made quilt.
She made it for them as a belated wedding gift.
November 1, 2006 - Lost a crown on a back molar.
November 2006 - Preparing for my Dad to visit for Thanksgiving.

October 22, 2006 - Zo still on meds but, once a day now.
She is still doing well.
October 10, 2006 - Got into a minor fender-bender with my car.
I was turning into Sonic to get a drink and got hit by a lady coming out the exit.
(It was raining pretty hard)
I put up some new curtains in my kitchen when I got home.

September 23, 2006 - Work on hardwood floor in spare room.
(Will be our new bedroom)
September 22, 2006 - Zo home--doing well.
On prednisone for 30 days.
September 21, 2006 - Zo 2nd adreanal surgery.
September 19-29, 2006 - Kitty sitting job--Marigold.
September 16, 2006 - Huntsville Antique Show.
September 15, 2006 - Harvested basil.
September 13, 2006 - Busy day.
Zo to vet.
Sign lease with new tenants.
September 11, 2006 - Never forget.
September 4, 2006 - Labor Day.
Hun Bun home from work.
Painted our old bedroom door.
September 3, 2006 - Painted bathroom door.
I have been waiting to do this for a long time.
I found a really nifty cast metal sign
that says "toilet" to put on the door.
September 2, 2006 - Hun Bun BBQ'd.

August 27, 2006 - Cleaned rental property.
Cleaned/began repairing, big, braided rug in spare room.
August 26, 2006 - Gun Show with Hun Bun - Lufkin, Texas
My comment: "Lots of men--wearing camouflage."
To balance the day--Hun Bun took me to a few antique & resale shops.
Found a half-pint Blue Plate Mayonaise jar for 50!!!
I now have every size of this jar--1/4 & 1/2 pint, pint & quart.
August 20, 2006 - Painting spare room.
Picked 3/4 gallon of muscadine grapes at Tonya's (Gumby).
August 19, 2006 - Saw the film "Barnyard" with my Hun Bun.
Dinner out after at our favorite Tex-Mex place.
Both my treat this time.
August 15, 2006 - Dinner out with my Hun Bun.
August 14, 2006 - Last day - cat sitting job.
August 5-6, 2006 - Flu??? <---This is what my note on the calendar said...
August 1, 2006 - My Hebrew teacher gave me a big bag of elderberries.
Going to make jam later--they are in the freezer for now.

July 30, 2006 - To celebrate two things:
Friend Dave's birthday and us being new empty-nesters.
We saw a film (The Ant Bully)
and had dinner out with Carol & Dave.
Hun Bun bought me a new front loading washer & dryer.
July 29, 2006 - Dinner here with friends Darrell, Stacie & kids.
I made Chicken Gumbo.
Stacie is of Cajun descent so, I had to know if I was making my roux right.
July 28, 2006 - Dinner with friend Stacie & kids at Carol's.
Kids home from honeymoon.
July 24, 2006 - BIL Mark back to airport--IAH.
July 23, 2006 - We all went to a friend's shooting range for the day.
Our host even made Fajita's for us.
Wasn't that nice???
July 23, 2006 - Kids left for honeymoon.
July 22, 2006 - Our son's wedding.
Mazel Tov to our Bunchkin and his new wife.
It's official...we're empty-nesters...
July 21, 2006 - Bachelor breakfast--morning.
Wedding rehearsal--afternoon.
We hosted the rehearsal dinner--Hun Bun BBQ'd--evening.
My car broke down that day too.
(No worries, Hun Bun fixed it)
Timing belt shredded...
I had 50 pounds of ice in the trunk for the BBQ.
I happened to get a DPS officer
I knew when I called 911 for help.
He brought me and the ice home.
Wasn't that fantastic???
July 20, 2006 - Pick up my BIL from the airport--IAH.
July 19, 2006 - Baked Challah for benefit bake sale.
July 14, 2006 - Shopped the Senior Resale Shop in Onalaska.
July 13, 2006 - Blue Plate Jar Lid came in the post.
I already have the jar.
July 10, 2006 - Breakfast at Carol's.
July 8, 2006 - Fort Bend County Antique Show, Rosenberg, Texas
July 5, 2006 - Start cat-sitting job.
July 4, 2006 - Happy Birthday America!!!
Hun Bun had to work.
July 1 & 2, - 2006 - Friends Darrell & Stacie here for the weekend.
July 2006 - Busy, busy, busy month!!!

June 29, 2006 - Dinner with friends Dick & Marie.
June 28, 2006 - Hun Bun bought a new digital camera--also for wedding.
June 27, 2006 - Picked up dress--for wedding--from cleaners.
June 26, 2006 - 24th Wedding Anniversary.
And . . . I think I may be allergic to Loquats.
June 25, 2006 - Made 4 batches of Jam:
Strawberry with a hint of Dewberry
Persimmon - Yum!!!
Loquat - My friend Sylvia S. gave them to me.
Didn't know they had so many seeds!!!
I used one package of Ball Fruit Jell No Sugar Needed Pectin,
5 cups loquat pure--put through the largest screen of my food mill,
3 cups sugar.
Has a citrus flavor.
June 24, 2006 - Houston Bottle Show.
Hun Bun bought a new suit for our son's upcoming wedding.
June 18, 2006 - Father's Day.
Hun Bun BBQ'd.
June 17, 2006 - Trade Days rained out.
Shopping in Lufkin with Hun Bun.
Found the PERFECT dress for our son's upcoming wedding.
June 9, 2006 - Saw the film "Cars" with Hun Bun.
June 6, 2006 - Picked up an Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar (aqua)
at Sr. Thrift Store in Onalaska for $2.50.
Sent to my friend Vickie.
June 3, 2006 - Picked 14 pounds of blueberries with Hun Bun!!!
Stopped at an antique shop on the way back--bought a Pine HG mason jar for $2.

May 24, 2006 - Mee time.
Film "Over The Hedge"
Dinner out with Hun Bun.
May 14, 2006 - Mother's Day.
Hun Bun BBQ'd for me.
May 13, 2006 - Trade Days.
My little brother got married.
May 10, 2006 - Planted a mint plant and some mixed basil seeds
in my herb garden--both given to me by my friend Sylvia S.
May 6, 2006 - Harvested a bit more lovage.
May 5, 2006 - Mee time.
May 3, 2006 - Picked a half-pint of dewberries.

April 30, 2006 - Picked a pint of dewberries.
Lovage is doing well--first harvest.
April 27, 2006 - Picked a quart of dewberries.
April 24, 2006 - Home from Indiana.
April 22, 2006 - Rest in peace--my Step-Mom.
April 20, 2006 - Last minute trip to Indiana.
April 19, 2006 - Picked first dewberries.
April 15, 2006 - BIL back to airport.
April 12, 2006 - Planted savory--trying again from seed.
Passover Seder
April 9, 2006 - Divided lemon balm.
Gave some to my friend Melba.
April 8, 2006 - Pick up BIL @ airport.
April 7, 2006 - Mee time.
April 2, 2006 - Planted the rest of my herb garden.

March 31, 2006 - Mee time.
March 27, 2006 - A birthday gift from my friend Carol.
A day of lunch & shopping in Houston.
March 22, 2006 - Taught my ladies' lunch group to make dewberry jam.
March 15, 2006 - Ladies' lunch at my friend Bobbylee's.
March 11, 2006 - Shopping - Humble, Texas all day.
Dinner out with Hun Bun--to celebrate my birthday.
We bought a new set of towels.
We'd been looking for the correct size & color for ages.
Found some that were just the right color, size & were a closeout price--40% off.
March 4, 2006 - Up early with Hun Bun to shop a couple of tag sales.

February 28, 2006 - Mee time.
February 24, 2006 - Shopped the used book sale at the library and the Oasis resale shop.
February 18, 2006 - Hun Bun's 42nd birthday.
Made chicken pie, chocolate cake and vanilla frozen yogurt.
Februray 11, 2006 - Shopping, dinner out in Humble, Texas
with our friend Shawn.
February 5, 2006 - Superbowl Sunday--made white turkey chili.
February 2, 2006 - Groundhog Day!!!
He saw his shadow--6 more weeks of winter.

January 2006 - Started the blood-type diet--I feel great!!!
January 29, 2006 - Transplanted okra & lovage to garden.
January 24, 2005 - Hun Bun brought home a HUGE turnip!!!
January 21, 2006 - Made Pumpkin Pecan Maple Butter.
January 14, 2006 - Trade Days.
Made Persimmon Jam.
Hun Bun put my outdoor laundry line back up--the lines are pink!!!
January 10, 2006 - Started okra & lovage from seed
January 7, 2006 - Fort Bend County Antiques & Collectible Fair
January 5, 2006 - Max home.
January 2, 2006 - My friend Carol brought me a durian.
I made a cake out of it.
January 1, 2006 - Happy New Year!!!

December 31, 2005 - Had to rush our big, male ferret Max to the vet.
Helicobacter Infection.
December 29, 2005 - Carol gave me more persimmons - about 5 pounds.
December 27, 2005 - Potato latke's for dinner and home made cran-apple sauce.
December 26, 2005 - Chanukah party at Carol's.
December 25, 2005 - Happy Chanukah
December 22, 2005 - Nephew & Niece here for the holidays.
December 20, 2005 - Dinner with friends David & Carol.
December 17, 2005 - Trade Days--bought a gallon of local honey.
December 13, 2005 - Quick evening trip to Lufkin, Texas with Hun Bun.
Stopped at the Goodwill Thrift Store in Diboll, Texas.
Bought a really nifty vintage, glass, square, embossed measuring cup. It was 99.
Also bought a vintage aluminum canning funnel--in nice condition. It was $1.99.
December 9, 2005 - My friend Carol gave me five persimmons.
They are the 'Tamopan' variety.
The funny thing is that she had six but,
we threw the soft one away--we didn't know that it was ripe!!!
They are slow to ripen and they don't all ripen at the same time.
I will freeze the pulp as they ripen and make jam when I have enough to make a batch.
December 8, 2005 - Our Bunchkin's 23rd birthday.
December 3, 2005 - Antique Shopping in Pasadena, Texas with Hun Bun.
We also had to pick up a part for my car.

November 30, 2005 - Harvested Basil.
November 26, 2005 - Our Bunchkin is engaged to be married...
November 17-27, 2005 - Road trip.
Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with Hun Bun's Mom & Brothers.
November 14, 2005 - Harvested Greens
November 10, 2005 - Night out with Hun Bun--dinner & a film.
"Chicken Little".
My friend Nita met us at the theatre to see the film with us.
We baked a carrot cake when we got home.
We almost forgot, it was "guys cook" week for Shabbat the next night.
November 5, 2005 - Quite warm outside again.
Planted Collards, Dill, Spinach, Beets in the raised garden beds.

October 30, 2005 - Made etrog marmalade.

October 28, 2005 - Hot Carmel Apple Cider
My new favorite fall drink - tastes like a carmel apple in a cup.
Cover the bottom (inside) of a mug with carmel topping
Pour apple cider in mug--leave room (about a half-inch from top of mug) for squirty cream
Microwave for about a minute--be careful, it will be hot!!!
Top with a bit of squirty cream--the kind that comes in an aerosol can.
Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg on top and serve with a small coffee straw.

October 27, 2005 - Zo's adrenal surgery.
October 17, 2005 - Sukkot
October 16, 2005 - Zo's tail hair growing back.
October 13, 2005 - Light supper to break fast at Carol's.
October 12, 2005 - Yom Kippur
October 11, 2005 - Movie with Hun Bun.
Wallace & Grommit - Curse Of The Were Rabbit
October 7, 2005 - Cool Weather--Finally.
October 3, 2005 - Rosh Hashanah 5766
October 2, 2005 - First chance to clear up debris in the yard from the hurricane.
October 1, 2005 - Weary from hurricane Rita.
After losing practically everything in the fridge and freezer,
Hun Bun took me out for dinner.
Complete with a decadent dessert--chocolate explosion.
We did grocery shopping after.

September 30, 2005 - Bobby & (future) DIL here for Shabbat.
Hun Bun brought dinner home--I made Challah.
We sent the kids to get ice cream after dinner.
They even stopped and got me some Tiramisu.
September 29, 2005 - Bunchkin's co-worker/friend Bobby here to get a good nights' sleep.
He was working 15 hour days.
His electrics still not restored so, no air conditioning.
September 28, 2005 - Hun Bun's co-worker/friend Ann here to do laundry.
She still has no electrics.
September 27, 2005 - Water back on at 4:30 p. m.
Cleaned out fridge and freezer.
Lost quite a bit despite preparing large blocks of ice earlier in the week.
I really thought I was ready but, I learned a lot from this experience.
Mail delivery resumed.
September 26, 2005 - Electrics restored at 6 p. m.
September 25, 2005 - Still no electrics--water now off, phone on and off, under heat advisory.
September 24, 2005 - Hurricane Rita - Lost electrics at 4 a . m., very low water pressure.
Leaf clusters, limbs, acorns everywhere but, thankfully, no damage.
September 23, 2005 - Shabbat at home with just me and my bunchkin.
Hun Bun had to work.
No mail until further notice due to hurricane.
September 20, 2005 - Chevra Kadisha Lunch @ Carol's.
September 17, 2005 - Huntsville Antique Fair with Hun Bun.
September 11, 2005 - Never forget.
September 8, 2005 - eBay purchase arrived in the post--5 vintage embossed glass coffee jars.
September 4, 2005 - Canned some tomatoes from the garden.

August 2005 - Craving Rye Bread.
August 30, 2005 - Mee time.
August 26-28, 2005 - Weekend in Jefferson with friends Darrell & Stacie.
Last time--they sold thier B & B.
Hun Bun made breakfast for me every morning and did the washing up too!!!
August 17, 2005 - You DON'T speak for me, Cindy...
August 13, 2005 - Trade Days.
August 10, 2005 - My friend David's belated surprise birthday party.
Hun Bun bought me another car.
August 6, 2005 - Laura's Memorial Service.

July 31, 2005 - My friend Stacie dropped by.
July 30, 2005 - Mee time.
July 29, 2005 - Ginger to vet--had her teeth cleaned.
Spent the day shopping, had lunch
and saw the movie "March Of The Penguins"
with my niece, (future) DIL and son.
July 22, 2005 - Made Spelt Challah.
July 17, 2005 - Trade Days--bought a gallon of local honey.
July 15, 2005 - Shabbat with my favorite sister and her family.
July 13, 2005 - Home all day--made 2 batches of dewberry jam.
Notes--Because I keep forgetting...
Used smallest screen on my food mill.
Ball Fruit Jell No Sugar Needed Pectin
5 cups pure, 3 cups sugar.
Mark 6 on my stove.
July 12, 2005 - A little me time.
Spent the day in Woodville, Texas.
Visited a herb farm.
Did a bit of antique shopping.
July 5, 2005 - Last day of work.
I was offered a permanent, temporary position.
For now it's back to being a lady of leisure.
July 4, 2005 - Happy Birthday America!!!

June 26, 2005 - 23rd Wedding Anniversary.
June 24, 2005 - All ferrets to vet, except Max.
Ginger needs to go back and have her teeth cleaned.
Tried out new/used bread machine--a Magic Chef--model 310.
My first bread machine finally bit the dust.
June 19, 2005 - Happy Father's Day.
Laura's Funeral.
June 18, 2005 - Trade days. Used book sale at library.
June 17, 2005 - Rest in peace Laura aka "Mom".
Hun Bun brought home a HUGE zucchini--I love zucchini.
I mentioned this during a Hebrew class.
Thanks to my friend Bobbylee who said she had a really easy recipe for
zucchini soup--just what I needed to use a HUGE one.

Zucchini Soup

Peel and cut zucchini into chunks put into big pan and just barely cover with water.
Cook until tender. Add couple of cloves of garlic, as much as you want to your taste.
Blend in blender until smooth--be careful, let it cool off a bit.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

June 14, 2005 - First tomato from the garden.
Garden not doing very well this year.
Lemon balm, rosemary, basil, okra doing pretty well.
Lovage didn't make it.
June 7, 2005 - Lunch with Carol.
June 5, 2005 - Mee time.
June - Still working...

May 24, 2005 - Started temporary job.
May 17, 2005 - I picked a pint of dewberries.
May 16, 2005 - Hun Bun picked a pint of dewberries.
May 14, 2005 - Quick trip to Lufkin with Hun Bun.
Picked up a small sofa from Pier 1 Imports for a friend at work.
Bought a little tea pot while we were there.
Trade Days (again)--had to get a gallon of local honey.
May 13, 2005 - Picked a pint of dewberries.
Trade Days--bought 3 medicine cups from Molly for $5,
a nifty glass measuring cup for $6 and
an -Atlas- Mason's Patent Mason jar for $3.
May 12, 2005 - Salad lunch with my favorite sister & nieces.
My niece made lemon bars--yum!!!
Dinner out with Hun Bun.
May 9, 2005 - Picked a quart of dewberries.
May 8, 2005 - Happy Mother's Day.
May 4, 2005 - Picked quart of dewberries.
New canning funnel came in the post today. (eBay purchase)
Going to add it to my growing collection.
May 2, 2005 - Hun Bun picked a pint of dewberries.

April 29, 2005 - Made one batch of strawberry-fig jam--just for my Hun Bun.
I labeled it "limited edition" as it was the last of the figs.
April 28, 2005 - Hun Bun & me picked two pints of dewberries.
Salad lunch with my favorite sister & nieces.
My niece is becoming very interested in cooking.
She made us chocolate mousse for dessert.
April 27, 2005 - Hun Bun picked a pint of dewberries.
April 24, 2005 - Attended another Passover Seder.
April 23, 2005 - Passover Seder at Carol's.
April 21, 2005 - Bought a really neat cast aluminum,
fan-shaped corn stick pan at a new, local antique shop. It was $5.50.
Also, an eBay purchase arrived--a squat half-gallon Iris Coffee jar.
It is not listed in my jar reference book. With shipping, it was $10.68.
April 16, 2005 - Trade Days.
April 15, 2005 - Nephew & Niece here for the weekend.
April 14, 2005 - Salad lunch with my favorite sister & nieces.
My older niece made us crme brule for dessert.
Dinner out with Hun Bun.
Planted new (replacement) rosemary Hun Bun bought for me.
The one we transplanted didn't make it.
April 12, 2005 - Girls day out shopping with my favorite sister & nieces.
April 9, 2005 - Tag sales with Hun Bun.
Bought a really nice stoneware bowl--it was $5.

March 31, 2005 - What kind of person does not allow
family members to be with thier loved one while dying???
A precedent has been set.
Is there hope for this country???
Who will be next???
In memory of Terri--you will not be forgotten.
March 29, 2005 - Made two batches of fig jam.
March 27, 2005 - If you think starving Terri Schiavo to death is okay,
I will be in favor of removing your feeding tube when the time comes.
March 24, 2005 - Purim Dinner at Carol's.
March 21, 2005 - Josh & Tal married.
March 19, 2005 - Trade Days with Hun Bun & Niece.
Had to track down the honey lady,
she wasn't at trade days--bought a gallon.
Promised Hun Bun some granola.
March 18, 2005 - I am looking for a clove infuser like this one.
March 13, 2005 - 40th Birthday.
March 12, 2005 - It was a brilliant day.
Perfect for building a couple of raised beds Hun Bun promised for my birthday.
We transplanted my rosemary--it wasn't doing well where it was.
I think it will be much happier in a raised bed. was free tomato plant day.
March 4, 2005 - Lovage sprouting!!!
March 3, 2005 - I study Hebrew on Thursdays, so I usually have a salad lunch at my sister's after.
It works out well as I am already in town--plus, it's fun.
My sister & nieces couldn't wait until my birthday...they got me a garden gnome.
My 5-year old niece told me right away that his name is Periwinkle.

February 26, 2005 - Lemon balm sprouting!!!
Mulberry trees are budding!!!
February 20, 2005 - Started lemon balm & lovage seeds.
February 19, 2005 - Trade Days--bought our monthly supply of local honey.
February 18, 2005 - Hun Bun's 41st Birthday.
February 17, 2005 - Fifi caught a mouse.
February 8, 2005 - Attended a 3-hour course about herbs.
February 2, 2005 - Groundhog Day!!!
He saw his shadow--six more weeks of winter.

January 26, 2005 - I got an e-mail on 1.24.2005 from a friend
whose DIL just had a baby--they also had a ferret.
She said that Fifi was left with her DIL's Mom
until she brought the new baby home and got settled in.
It "wasn't working out"--to PLEASE call her DIL as soon as possible.
Fifi is now home with us and is getting
along great with Ginger, Max & Zo.
She is our youngest ferret, 11 months old.
January 20, 2005 - I was asked to judge a chili cook-off again.
I was one of three judges--there were eight entries this year.
January 16, 2005 - Hun Bun transplanted two small mulberry trees.
They were given to us by my favorite sister & brother-in-law.
January 15, 2005 - Zo--our newest adopted ferret.
She is 1 years old, albino with ruby eyes.
January 8, 2005 - In memory of my Bunchkin's guinea pig Dolley--she was 10 years old.
Rest in peace sweetie--we miss you.
January 1, 2005 - Happy New Year!!!

December 31, 2004 - Made sourdough challah.
December 27, 2004 - My friend Jon gave me a cup of Jedediah's Sourdough Starter.
December 8, 2004 - I cannot believe our Bunchkin is 22 years old.
December 7, 2004 - Happy Chanukah
December 4, 2004 - We adopted another ferret!!! (again)
We had to.
Ginger was depressed and lonely--she knew Missy was gone.
His name is Max.
Our vet says that he can't be any more than a year old.
Max is a big boy--almost 3 pounds.
He came from a rescue in Pasadena, Texas.
Max was found wandering the streets before being taken in by a ferret foster home.
He was turned over to the rescue and now, he is with us in his forever home.
Ginger is thrilled to have a mate again to play and snuggle with.

November 25, 2004 - Happy Thanksgiving
November 24, 2004 - Missy deteriorated very quickly.
Rest in peace our first fuzzy baby--you are missed so much.
November 17, 2004 - I took Missy, our first ferret--six years old, to the vet today.
We discovered a lump on her side--an inoperable tumor.
November 6, 2004 - Fort Bend County Antique & Collectible Fair, Rosenberg, Texas
November 3, 2004 - Life is GOOD. Doin' a HAPPY dance!!!
November 2, 2004 - Election Day.

October 12 & 13, 2004 - Made 2 batches of dewberry jam
from the berries we picked back in late April and early May.
They waited patiently in my deep freezer
until I was ready and the weather was a bit cooler.

September 21, 2004 - Made the last batch of pear butter.
September 18, 2004 - Huntsville Antique Fair
September 13, 2004 - Made another batch of pear butter.
September 11, 2004 - We must never forget.
September 9, 2004 - Made another batch of pear butter.
September 6, 2004 - Labor Day - Hun Bun helped me pick 2 small boxes of pears.

August 23, 2004 - Made a batch of pear butter.
August 20, 2004 - Hun Bun brought home pears from friend and co-worker Joyce.
August 16, 2004 - Louisiana Coffee with Chicory--I love it, Hun Bun hates it.
August 13, 2004 - In memory of Julia Child, 1912-2004.

July 24, 2004 - Gulf Coast Bottle Show, Houston, Texas.
July 6, 2004 - You brought joy to us for a short time.
We loved you for how different you were.
Ginger misses you.
Rest in peace our Fluffy.
July 4, 2004 - Happy Birthday America!!!
Our friend Dee was to meet us over at our place to go watch the fireworks with us
and brought me her bread machine as a gift. Wasn't that thoughtful???
I had worn out one of the two pans I had for my machine and I knew the
remaining one wasn't going to last forever--it was on it's way out too.
I had mentioned that I was going to be replacing the entire machine soon.
To replace just the pan would have cost more than a whole new machine.
Dee said "don't buy one just yet" as she had one she never used and it needed a good home.
July 2004 - Friends Ben & Joanne gave me two gallons of figs.
I put them in the freezer.
I want to make jam in the fall or winter when the weather is cooler.

June 26, 2004 - We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.
June 20, 2004 - Happy Father's Day to my Hun Bun.
He requested pizza and beer for his special day.
June 5, 2004 - In memory of President Reagan, 1911-2004.

May 22, 2004 - Spam cupcakes??? Ewww!!!
May 9, 2004 - Happy Mother's Day!!!
May 7, 2004 - Hun Bun surprised me.
He picked almost a pint of HUGE dewberries.
May 6, 2004 - Picked a pint of dewberries.
May 4, 2004 - Picked a quart of dewberries.

April 29, 2004 - Picked gallon of dewberries.
We adopted another ferret!!!
"Fluffy" is 3 years old and white/champagne in color with pink eyes.
She was unwanted and ill.
She stole our hearts right away.
April 27, 2004 - Picked gallon of dewberries.
April 26, 2004 - Picked pint of dewberries.
April 22, 2004 - It's that time of year again--picked a pint of dewberries.
April 6, 2004 - Passover Seder.

March 13, 2004 - For my birthday this year, Hun Bun
took me treasure hunting in Nacogdoches, Texas.
We attended the monthly flea market and shopped the downtown antique shops.

February 18, 2004 - Happy Birthday to my Hun Bun...the BIG 4 - 0.
He requested Chicken Pie for his birthday meal.

January 29, 2004 - I was asked to be a judge for a chili cook-off.
I have never done anything like this before.
As part of a panel of 4 judges, it was not as easy as I thought it would be but,
we were able to narrow down the choices to three different award categories.
January 1, 2004 - Happy New Year!!!
Breakfast with Bible Study group of friends at Dave & Carol's house.

December 30, 2003 - I made a cup of chamomile tea this evening
and offered Hun Bun a sip--I wanted him to try it.
I thought his comment was priceless: "It tastes like I just ate a daisy."
Which is funny because chamomile is a member of the daisy family of plants.
December 22, 2003 - Nephew and soon-to-be wife
arrive tonight to celebrate the holidays with us.
They brought a goose. I have never cooked one.
UPDATE: We stuffed the goose with Morton Thompson's Stuffing.
I liked it, tastes like deer meat to me without the gaminess.
December 8, 2003 - I cannot believe our Bunchkin is 21 years old.

November 28, 2003 - Hun Bun was off work so we headed to Lufkin on Friday afternoon
to get a Lawler's Turtle cheesecake at Sam's Club for our Bunchkin's
birthday--he requested it specifically.
We also did a little shopping and looking--we need to replace the kitchen faucet.
Found a different vintage canning jar lifter.
Everything was 75% off in the booth it was in--final price was 99.
Hun Bun found a clear glass Garfield (the cartoon cat)
bank for Bunchkin--he will be getting it for his birthday.

November 27, 2003 - Had a GREAT Thanksgiving.
Hun Bun woke me up and brought me a warm cup of apple cider--what a sweetie.
Since we usually let the turkey cook overnight, I always keep a pan of apple cider spiked
with whole cinammon sticks and a couple of whole cloves on the back burner.
It makes the whole house smell wonderful and we sip it in bed in the morning.

We met with our Bible Study group of friends for breakfast at 9:30 a. m.
The food was good, prices too but, service was slow.
I think it was because they were having a Thanksgiving buffet
that started at 11 a. m. and were busy getting that ready.
Hun Bun got his pancakes but, not his omelet.
It wasn't our usual caf--it was closed today.
One of Carol's sons was in town and we got to see him.
Nice guy, has a shop, (carburetors, I think) he and Hun Bun always have something to talk about.
Also, we ran into a friend (Johnny) we hadn't seen in forever. Nice guy too, school teacher.
Amazing how you can live in the same town for 20 years
and never see friends that live right here???

I called my Dad on the way home--aren't mobile phones just fantastic???
Turkey was already cooked and resting while we were at breakfast.
All I had to do was make the green bean casserole and
mashed sweet potatoes.
When we got home, it hit me that I had only slept about 4 hours and took a quick 1 hour nap.
Just as I was drifting off, a loud noise came from the movie Hun Bun and Bunchkin were watching.
So, I got up. Turns out that we had company--Bobby and Mona dropped by--Bunchkin's friends.

I had planned to do a few "authentic" Thanksgiving things today.
We have a weird sense of humor in our family.
Anyway, I invited Bobby and Mona to eat with us and
they said they could eat just a bit as they had another dinner to go to.
Earlier in the week, Hun Bun and me were watching Food Network (or was it HGTV???).
There was a segment about this place you could go
to experience what the first Thanksgiving was really like.
Sort of like a Renaissance Festival with people
walking around, talking and serving in Pilgrim garb.
Two things I remembered were (1) They didn't use forks.
They only used fingers, knives and spoons.
(2) They used large cloth napkins--they were put over
the shoulder for easy finger wiping during the meal.
The large cloth napkins were large because you could always find a clean spot as
they are washed maybe twice a month--I thought that was icky.
I bought a package of large flour sack towels and
we used those as napkins--forks, I told everyone, were optional.

We brined the turkey this year for the first time. Turned out tasty.
I made Morton Thompson's Stuffing again.
We first had it two years ago at Carol's--one of our Friday night Shabbat dinners.
She wanted to "test" it out on us. Hun Bun LOVED it and wanted me to make it last year.
I did and it turned out great but, I learned that I needed to cut the recipe in half.
It has everything but the kitchen sink in it.
I also started making home made cranberry sauce last year.
Sue brought some to that same dinner and
I can honestly say that I will probably never eat canned again.
This year, I added a small can (drained) of mandarin oranges.
Even Hun Bun liked it and he is not a big fan of cranberries like I am.

It has been my goal in the last few years to simplify all holidays.
I am getting lazy and bought pies this year.
They were on special for $1.99 and I thought "I can't make a home made one for that."
I got Dutch Apple, (Hun Bun wanted that) Pumpkin Custard and Mince.
Thank you Mrs. Smith.

To make up for becoming a bit of a lazy cook,
I did make stuffed mushrooms especially for Hun Bun.
I haven't made them in years and they were a nice appetizer.
Did I say I was getting to be a lazy cook???
I did spend half of Wednesday chopping, slicing and
dicing everything for the mushrooms and stuffing.
I guess I am not getting as lazy as I thought...

We had our usual Collins Street Bakery Fruitcake.
Hun Bun always reminds me at the beginning of November to place the order.
I don't really like fruitcake but, this fruitcake is not your run-of-the-mill fruitcake.
We actually did tour the bakery in Corsicana, Texas a few years ago.
Once, we picked one up the day before Thanksgiving on our way to my brother's place in Dallas.
I assured Hun Bun that it would be no trouble to stop as he hates crowds.
We had to park two blocks away just to get into the place.
That is how good this fruitcake is...

Another friend, Dee, stopped by early in the evening.
She brought us a cake. We were all so full.
I had a small square on Saturday--it was
lemon cake with a whipped topping/fruit frosting.
Weather wise, it was nice day, clear, sunny and in the 70's, getting much cooler in the evening.
November 1, 2003 - Hun Bun & me - 2nd trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas.

October 31, 2003 - Road Trip - Visited my (delusional) Mother,
brother & nephews in Plano, Texas.

September 11, 2003 - Never forget.

August 9, 2003 - Hunny Bunny & me spent the day treasure hunting in Winnie, Texas.

July 4, 2003 - Happy Birthday America!!! I like sparklers.

June 27-29, 2003 - To celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary,
we spent the weekend at Gingerbread House Bed & Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas.
June 21, 2003 - Hun Bun took me to the Gulf Coast Bottle Show in Houston.
June 19, 2003 - Started home-brewed vanilla extract.
After reading an interesting Washington Post article about vanilla extract,
(FOOD 101 "Vanilla Sky High" by Robert L. Wolke, Wednesday, May 28, 2003)
I found myself doing a little more research using Google.
I discovered a recipe for home-brewed vanilla extract.
All you need is a pint of vodka with high alcohol content--I used 80 proof
and one vanilla bean--I used two.
I opted to cut the vanilla beans into one inch pieces.
Then you simply insert the pieces into a pint bottle of vodka.
I am supposed to "shake daily" for two weeks. I am assuming it will be ready to use then.
Another recipe said to use five vanilla beans and to let it "sit" for six to eight weeks.
Since summer is already here, I won't be doing too much baking
so, it can "sit" tight until fall when things cool off here and I bake more often.

May 5, 2003 - Picked a gallon of dewberries--all by myself.
May 2-4, 2003 - Road trip again!!! Shorter one this time.
Hunny Bunny and me got up REAL early and headed to
First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas--our first time to attend this HUGE event.
After spending the day there, we headed to my little brother & SIL's
100 year old home in Pecan Hill, Texas to spend the weekend with them.

April 15-22, 2003 - Road trip!!!
Vacation with my favorite sister and her family.
We visited our Dad, Step-Mom, Aunts and Uncles in Northern Indiana.
I came home sick as it was a bit colder there than it was here when we left.
(Actually, my Dr. said "Not pneumonia yet.")
I purchased this book to read on the trip home.

March 19, 2003 - Far from home . . . in our prayers.

February 1, 2003 - In memory of space shuttle Columbias seven-member crew.

January 1, 2003 - Happy New Year!!!
We had the traditional dinner with cabbage, black-eyed peas & cornbread.
I have always liked this tradition and wondered about the history behind it.
So, I asked my brother-in-law as he is a native Texan.
He says that the tradition really is about the year before.
If you had a good harvest and you were fortunate
enough to have this meal on New Year's day,
it means you were truly blessed in the previous year.

December 16, 2002 - While looking for something else, I stumbled across this site:
Uncle Phaedrus, Finder of Lost Recipes.

October 31, 2002 through November 3, 2002
After 16 months, a much-needed long weekend away--visited Jefferson & Gladewater, Texas.
My Hunny Bunny took me treasure hunting.

September 11, 2002 - Pray & Remember.

August 9, 2002 - Began Hebrew language study.

July 7, 2002 - Picked 2 gallons of figs with Hunny Bunny--made jam July 8th.
Tips to remember when picking figs:
1. Wear long sleeves, pants and gloves, no matter how hot it is.
2. Use small, 1-gallon buckets when harvesting fruit--bigger is NOT better in this situation.
(Using a bigger vessle will yield a crushed bottom layer of fruit.)

June 2002 - Busy month!!! Attended Gulf Coast Bottle Show - June 8th.
Celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary - June 26th.

May 11, 2002 - Mother's Day Weekend - Hunny Bunny treated me
to a day of antique shopping in Huntsville, Texas.

April 27, 2002 - Picked another 1 gallons--Hunny Bunny helped this time.
April 25, 2002 - Picked gallon of dewberries.
I will be making jam--I like it seedless.

March 28, 2002 - Attended a Passover Seder with my Bunchkin.

February 2, 2002 - Groundhog Day--I like this tradition--always have.
Well, he saw his shadow--six more weeks of winter. I am happy as I like cool weather.
Another neat thing this year is the date, 02-02-02.

January 17, 2002 - Attended a chili cook-off.
We got to sample several different variations--all delicious!!!

December 2001 - VERY busy month!!! We celebrated our Bunchkins' 19th Birthday, went treausre hunting in Tomball, Texas, attended a few holiday parties, made gingerbread, had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year.

November 23-24, 2001 - Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Hunny Bunny took me treasure hunting two days in a row. We went to Lufkin, Texas on the 23rd and Spring, Texas on the 24th--280 miles in two days!!! Exhausting, but fun!!!

October 6, 2001 - We attended a wedding. Best wishes to Ryan & Brittany!!!

September 11, 2001 - Pray.

August 19, 2001 - Found this jar at our local Trade Days.

July 21, 2001 - Hunny Bunny suprised me with another ferret!!! We were given our first "fuzzy", Missy, in January 1999. Missy is about 3 years old now. Ginger, our new "fuzzy", is about 1.
We love our "fuzzies" and are pleased that they are getting along very well.

June 21-24, 2001 - Trip to Gladewater, Texas - "The Antique Capital Of East Texas".
A long weekend vacation in celebration of our 19th wedding anniversary (June 26th).

May 8, 2001 - Our Bunchkin graduated from High School.

April 9, 2001 - This month, I thought I would share one of my favorite artists, Susan Branch.
I have most of her books. I wish I had a fraction of her talent!!!

March 15-18, 2001 - For my birthday this year, I was treated to a long weekend at
Gingerbread House, a Bed & Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas
The owners, long-time friends of ours, recently assumed ownership and invited us to stay.
Wasn't that nice???

February 8, 2001 - I am on a quest to find the perfect banana nut bread recipe. I have made several recipes over the years but, none have been truly outstanding. Also, anyone know the origin of banana nut bread??? When/Where was the first recipe developed???

January 12, 2001 - I don't normally promote the idea of joining a mailing list but, this is an exception. I can highly recommend the Eater's Digest, a weekly e-mail digest produced by Recipezaar. This is not your typical daily/weekly recipe e-mail. Recipezaar scours the web for the best in food writing. The digest includes links to food related articles from news sources such as newspaper food sections. I truly look forward to getting this e-mail digest.
You won't just "skim" this one...

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